Tints MVP Window Tinting - Company Message
Automotive Films

     When selecting a product for your vehicle it is very important to Tints MVP that the best quality is in mind.  They only use high quality, dye free films.  They chose to not offer a "budget" film that will just turn purple and start deteriorating on clients windows within the first year.  Their films of choice for automotive are Suntek Window Films.  They offer Sunteks Carbon Series (Good), Carbon XP Series (Better) and Ceramic IR Series (Best).  Please take a few moments to navigate through each films respective links below.  Any questions about the products, give them a call at anytime.  413-388-2779.

Please Click here to watch a video explaining the differences between films.

                                                                                        Suntek Carbon Series (Good)


     A very good, dye-free film with decent heat rejection and good optical clarity.  Carbon comes with a Lifetime warranty and is guaranteed to not lose its color and/or turn purple.  They stock shades of 5%, 18%, 35%, 55%.  (Other shades available upon request.)

                                                                              Suntek Carbon XP Series  (Better) 

     Similar to the Carbon series but with better performance.  Their more popular choice.  XP has an average of 10% more heat rejection than the Carbon Series.  The optical clarity is slightly improved as well.  Carbon XP also comes with a Lifetime Warranty and is guaranteed to not lose it's color and/or turn purple.  A great choice if you want better performance with any shade.  We stock shades of 5%, 18%, 35%, 55%. (Other shades available upon request.)

                                                                                        Suntek Ceramic IR (Best)

     The best film choice offered.  The performance of ceramic films is unmatched.  The best optical clarity on the market.  Also has incredible heat rejection and IR rejection.  Recommended for those who want the absolute best performance even with a light shade.  Available in shades of 5%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%, 60% and 70%.