Tints MVP Window Tinting - Company Message

Q: "Isn't Window tint illegal?"
A: No.  Every state has it's own laws on how dark you can go.  Please view the State Tint Laws.
Q:  "How will window tint help my fuel efficiency?"
A:  When you run the AC in your vehicle the motor runs at a slightly higher RPM--Burning more fuel.  Window film rejects the heat from entering vehicle, allowing you to not use your AC as much.
Q:  "Why is blocking UV rays important?"
A:  UV rays are a leading cause of skin cancer.  They are also the leading cause of interior fading.  Sunteks films block 99% UV.
Q:  "Will my windows turn purple?"
A:  No, not with our films.  The purple windows you've seen on cars are from a dyed film.  We use high quality pigmented films that will not turn purple.
Q:  "What happens when its cold out and I want the heat in my car?"
A:  Tint has the same effects as a thermos.  It helps keep the cold air from your AC in and also helps keep the hot air from your heater in.

Q:  "Every tint shop claims to have the best film.  How can we tell which ones actually have good films?"
A:  Every window film company has different grades of films.  Avoid dyed films.  they are the ones that will turn purple.  Our starting grade is Sunteks Carbon Series film.  Click here to view the 10 minute video that explains the differences in films.