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Robert and Christylee Barnes

Back in 2004 Rob's father-in-law(Christy's father), Scott, taught Rob how to tint at his shop in Chicopee MA.  Together, they ran that business until Scott gave it to Rob in 2007 when Scott moved down To Florida.  Rob ran it for a few years, becoming mobile in the process, and then moved down to the sunshine state in 2011 with Christy and their three children.  They now operate out of a small shop in North Lakeland, while also providing a mobile service.  The small shop and mobile service keep overhead fairly low, allowing them to offer great quality films with affordable prices.  They take a lot of pride in their work and strive for perfection, which is why every job they do is backed by a lifetime warranty at no additional charge.  Though their shop is in Lakeland, they do travel all of Central Florida.  They absolutely love what they do, so you won't just have someone looking for a paycheck coming to you.

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